The Damnation of Origenes by the Emperor Justinian
in Constantinople in the year 543 A.D.

Confrontation with the edict of the damnation in the year 543 A.D. in Constantinople by the Emperor Justinian I
and the explanation of that damnation by the SPIRIT WORLD OF GOD in the year 1994.

(S.W.G. = Commentary by the SPIRIT WORLD OF GOD)

Wording of the ecclesiastical bans
Commentary by the SPIRIT WORLD OF GOD
1. Whoever claims or believes that the human souls had already existed before their births, that these souls once had been rational beings and had belonged to holy powers ,that then these souls had become tired of divine contemplation (the worship of Christ) and had turned to evil (Lucifer), thereby their love for God had become cold, and as a result they were named �the fallen souls�; and that as a punishment they were incarnate into (human) bodies - is to be excommunicated!
S.W.G: It is written by GOD that GOD is spirit and GOD created spirits. The first born of HIM is and remains Christ, King and Lord of the whole spirit world, and all who came after him are descended from Christ the King.
However, after a fairly long time the spirits became weary of Christ and of GOD'S Will. To worship Christ became a horror to Lucifer and his followers, and everything they did, was against GOD'S Will, against the edict given by GOD, namely, that CHRIST was the King and no one else. As a result they were banned from the heavenly realm by the flaming sword, were thrown into Hell and later - because GOD and Christ are merciful- they received the opportunity to progress via the possibility of the material world, but still in Lucifer's hellish spheres, thus to live on earth and to prove there, that they were loyal to GOD. And it was only that way that they could deserve of a saviour to be born among them actually, and this saviour again was Christ Jesus, King and Lord of all spirits. He carried out the task given by GOD: within the power of the Prince of Darkness to free the path for all spirits, out of sheer love and under the greatest suffering.
He is the true saviour and in the heavenly fields he is the King, and throughout the Creation he is the King and Lord appointed by GOD. The spirits who fell - because they opposed GOD'S Will - knew exactly what they did; for their knowledge and experience were infinite. No being incarnate on earth holds the knowledge that a single angel being does. And what those who then had fallen from GOD and Christ knew, were acquainted with and lived cannot be achieved by any human being on earth. But they can regain it as ascending spiritual beings incarnate on earth because it is GOD'S Will. And whoever tries to fight against this knowledge should expect GOD'S punishment!
2. Whoever claims or believes that the soul of the Lord had already existed before His incarnation and before His birth by the Virgin Mary, and that the soul of the Lord is the "Word out of God" (as revealed in the Old Testament) - is to be excommunicated.
S.W.G.: GOD the FATHER called Christ, HIS only begotten Son, into existence, born out of GOD HIMSELF. HE created him out of pure love which is wisdom, and HE taught him and let him grow up and become perfect. HE anointed him King of the entire Creation that came after him. And so it is GOD'S decision that this should remain so.
Whoever opposes this and tries to interfere with the laws of the Creation will suffer bitter punishment, for thus is GOD'S Will.
3. Whoever claims or believes that first the body of our Lord Jesus Christ grew in the womb of the Holy Virgin Mary and that the soul of the "Word out of GOD" (namely Christ) united with this body only afterwards ( at birth)- is to be excommunicated!
S.W.G.: Since the existence of the first human being on earth it is normal for children to be born. And so these bodies grow in the wombs of their mothers, and at birth the spirits are incarnate and so the human beings can live.
At the birth of Jesus Christ on earth the same principle worked, and so it will be with all following births. That is GOD'S decree; for the Son of Man lived as a human being among humans. Whoever disbelieves this will be punished by GOD!
4. Whoever claims or believes that the "Word out of GOD" (Christ) is the model of all heavenly orders: for the Cherubim he is the Cherub, for the Seraphim the Seraph, in short, he is simply the model for all powers on high - is to be excommunicated.
S.W.G.: GOD decided and directed that Christ as King and Lord of the whole Creation is at the same time its Prince. That means for every form of life he is the model, the one who leads, shows and outlines the way. So he is the Cherub for the Cherubim,the Seraph for the Seraphim, the fighting angel for the fighting angels, the leading animal for the spiritual animals, the spiritual plant for the spiritual plants, the crystal for the spiritual minerals,. - He is the Prince of the Creation, and so GOD decided. Whoever opposes this, opposes GOD'S Will and must expect to be punished by the whole law; GOD wants it that way!
5. Whoever claims or believes that the bodies of the resurrected are (mostly still) "stooped figures", and whoever does not avow that we will be awakened as upright (figures) - is to be excommunicated!
S.W.G.: The spirits who live in the material world live a life without knowing where they come from nor where they go to unless they are looking for it. And when they arrive in the hereafter they are beings who still very much cling to matter; they must be guided and led by the angels of Heaven, so that they can cast off all the heaviness of the material world. Thus they must learn to stand upright spiritually and to purify. They are to be purified. And they must be purified, for their spirits must be able to cast aside, to understand and to forgive the material world and to be interested again in the truly fine substance of the spiritual world. The spirit must look again for its own true knowledge. Then it can function as an angel again, but not before.
GOD the FATHER ruled it thus together with HIM, Christ the Son, who is King and Lord of all spirits; and the Creation goes on ascending according to these rules.
Whoever opposes this, stands still!
6. Whoever claims or believes that the sky, the sun, the moon, the stars and the waters are (symbols of) supernatural powers (and spirits) endowed with a soul and reason- is to be excommunicated!"
S.W.G.: It is a fact that in GOD'S whole creation, in the spiritual as well as in the material worlds, all over, there are planets, solar systems, whole galaxies, but GOD'S power prevails everywhere.
In every solar system the sun is the expression of GOD'S power, and in each solar system there is one planet which has the capacity to sustain life, be it only the smallest form. And any other planet symbolizes the powers and the spiritual personalities that help those living beings go on ascending. This providence is written down in GOD`S great plan of salvation which HE devised together with Christ the King.
Whoever does not understand this cannot truly believe it; but whoever does not have the will to believe it though they understand it, is to be stricken by GOD!
7. Whoever claims or believes that the Lord Jesus Christ initiated a new world era and died on the cross for mankind as well as for the demons (from the realm of the dead) - is to be excommunicated!
S.W.G.: Jesus Christ was born into the material world in order to open up again the way into light for the spirits in Hell. However, since the material world belonged to the sphere of Hell, it was absolutely normal that it applied to all of them. So it did not just apply to one alone, but to all! The path into light, to GOD, was opened down to the very last spirit. That only was the purpose of this material, hard-suffering life, and Jesus Christ accomplished it. It was His death on the cross, the ensuing battle and the victory over Hell that made the way into light free again for all spirits, for those who lived in the material world as well as for those who spiritually languished in Hell. From then on, if they only wanted to acknowledge Jesus Christ as their King and Lord again, they could go on ascending in light.
Thus it is written in the great peace-treaty between Christ the King and Lucifer the subordinate, and from that time on this applies to all. On earth man decides from now on; what he wants for himself he will have. That is GOD'S Will!
8. Whoever claims or believes that GOD'S power is subject to certain limitations and that what he created is subject to certain limits as the unlimited cannot be understood; or that everything that comes from GOD is as everlasting as he himself, - is to be excommunicated!
S.W.G.: GOD is original life and all that lives, comes from HIM. HE is the Almighty; for all power belongs to HIM, and HE also holds it in HIS hands. However, HE HIMSELF set limits to this power: for HE gave a free will to all HIS creatures, and this free will can express itself and has the possibility to look for either good or bad, and so GOD never knows in advance a creature's possible decision. The spirits must be tested �so must the human beings in the material world. This is normal; otherwise the will would no more be free. This is the greatest gift that GOD could make to HIS children. By using this free will many a spirit sinned against GOD and fell from HIM. And those who want to prove worthy again must do so by using their free will.
So it is with GOD, and there is no alternative. HE is able -of course-to estimate a good many things in advance, up to a certain point, but the creature must decide for itself. Therefore the spirits must be tested again and again; the human beings must be tested again and again. And those HE loves must take on hard tasks, and they do so with pleasure. However, part of that also means to be tested in the furnace of suffering. True servants of GOD know this.
They who fancy themselves better, may write and bring to life a new creation, if they manage. But if they dare, then GOD'S fiery sword will hit them!
9. Whoever claims or believes that the punishment of the demons and the godless is just temporary and will come to an end at a given time and that they, too, will find the way back to the Father- is to be excommunicated.
S.W.G.: GOD and Christ are merciful and true mercy commands that no one will be punished forever; for no wrong, no sin, is so great that the FATHER could not forgive, if the being sees its faults and wants to change for the better, and also really does so.
For that reason the great salvation plan which is composed of seven parts was devised by GOD and Christ for the redemption, the liberation, the ascension of the spirits. They all are given the opportunity to rise from the depth of Hell and enter the heavenly realm, nay, what is more, to go on toward perfection, to come very close to GOD, as was intended for them to be in the very first decision; for what GOD created is meant to be everlasting. And this will remain so, even if many a man may think that this could not be. GOD'S decision is what happens, and whoever maintains something different, teaches a heresy, and GOD will punish him for that!

Commentary by the author R. Str�uli to the above ecclesiastical curses (see Page 335):
"So this was the ecclesiastical curse (excommunication) that the Emperor Justinian imposed on Origenes and on all those who should ever dare, even in thought, adhere to the now banned doctrine. Just to make clear again what thought and belief were targeted, the Roman Church further elaborated on Justinian's ecclesiastical curses ten years later and added six more.
(Likewise in explanatory translation the texts are offered by the same author)

The Condemnation of Origenes
by the Council of Constantinople in the year 553 AD

Wording of the extended version of the ecclesiastical bans
Commentary by the SPIRIT WORLD OF GOD
1. Whoever supports the fictional existence of the soul before the reincarnation (the pre-existence) and the consequential necessity of a fantastic home coming (Apokatastasis, "restoration") - is to be excommunicated!
S.W.G.: At GOD'S behest and through GOD'S pure mercy Christ, King and Lord of all spirits, could permit himself to descend to the material world, to become incarnate there, and to bring back to GOD again all the personalities who had been spirits originally, pure spirit beings, who had lived immaculate in the heavenly realm, but who had fallen from GOD because of their disobedience and to free the path into light for them. Only through that it became possible to free the path into light for all those creatures, who, since their creation in heavenly realms, had been created for eternity, and now lived in the material world; it was for them as well as for the beings from the depths; all this because GOD wants it thus. HIS Will was, is and remains the same; and whoever opposes this will be punished the same way as Lucifer was, because it is GOD S Will.
2. Whoever claims that the origin of all rational beings were high spirits (archangels) without (coarse) material bodies; (that these had had descendants and their descendants had had descendants again with countless names); and that all these had formed a unified whole through their divine consciousness in their power and possibility of impact as well as in their unity with the "Word of God" (Christ); but that in the course of time they had become weary of contemplating (the "Word" of) God and so they had turned to evil (Lucifer), each according to their inclination; and that there are also differences stated by names and appearances within the powers of the hereafter; thus some of the angels were Cherubim, some were Seraphim, some ( belonged to) principalities, powers, dominions, thrones and whatever other heavenly ranks exist, and accordingly they had come into existence and been named - is to be excommunicated!
S.W.G.: All along the divine law has determined that all spirit beings that were called into existence, were pure, immaculate and came from the first- born - Christ - he who called into existence six archangels, and they had descendants who again had descendants and so the Creation went on. They were very different kinds of angel beings. In the higher spheres the best known were the Cherubim and the Seraphim, there were large principalities: those of light, of order, of love which is wisdom, and the most various areas were subdivided into authorities, powers, some of which were fighting angels, guardian angels and the like.
These and all the other spirit beings of the Creation belonged to the heavens, were subject to Christ the King, and at the same time they were his friends and were brothers and sisters to him. He was a loving brother to them, a friend, the King. They worshipped him and were happy to be allowed to live under his rule and to serve him; for he was like GOD in everything, except that only GOD could give the vital spark, and he was appointed by GOD as the King and Lord of the Creation.
But then came the moment when many a spirit of these became tired of this situation. They were no longer interested in having Christ for King. They wanted to crown the then prince of light - Lucifer - king. And therefore, through their pride - because they wanted to improve GOD'S laws - they were thrown out of the heavenly realms down into what is called hell, set up by their own lies and their wickedness. Their punishment was well-deserved, and nevertheless GOD considered to give them the possibility to rise again, in later days - spiritually as well as in the material world - through GOD`S great Plan of Salvation, decreed by GOD and Christ; that is exactly what it was, what it is, and what it will remain.
3. Whoever claims that the sun, the moon and the stars had also belonged to the same unit of rational beings; that they, too, had turned to evil, and that therefore they had become what they are - is to be excommunicated!
S.W.G.: It is a fact that the creatures which had fallen from GOD and had first landed in the hellish realms had to wait long for some hope of salvation and liberation to come, until it was announced to them that Lucifer, the prince of darkness, had agreed on matter to be created. And enquiries were made to find out which of the already good-willed spirit beings was ready to enter the body of a planet and so not to spend just one earthly life, but, for thousands of years, to carry mankind, the animals, the plants, and the minerals and to help them ascend. And only in the �golden millennia� this being itself would have the opportunity to ascend.
And so those who are there today volunteered, among many others: the sun BAJARA, the moon LUNO and many a star and many a planet, the earth BISTERA and all the others, they all began their desperately difficult ascent through matter. It has been a long way, infinitely long for them, much more difficult than anything any other spirit being has gone through. But they also knew why � for it was the great chance for them, because their sins were especially great. They had pulled many others into the depth by their bad example; they had been ringleaders. And therefore they had been given this great chance by this perhaps very difficult, yet important, way to acquire great merits, and thus to be able to ascend more quickly spiritually. If not they would have had to suffer many hard fates in order to make amends for all former wrongdoing.
Thus they have gone their own difficult way up to this day, and they will continue until they, too, have reached their ascension point, until they, too, can again go on living as beautiful angels in the heavenly realm, and can go on ascending to perfection, at close range to GOD, just as the FATHER had promised to HIS people, for in HIS house there are many rooms.
4. Whoever claims that the human beings belonged to those rational beings whose love for God had grown cold, and that therefore they had become bound to denser bodies; and that those amongst them who had fallen into the most wicked malevolence had become bound to cold and gloomy (spirit-) bodies and were called demons or evil spirits - is to be excommunicated!
Note by the author (R.Str�uli): This ecclesiastical ban is the first testimony for us that the Roman Christians still realized and also admitted that Origenes taught that the human beings were fallen spirits.

S.,W.G.: At that time when everything was still in the best order in the spirit world and heaven was truly the only actual existence, the genuine Creation, the angel beings and all spirits of GOD lived in harmony, were united in deep love and were devoted to GOD. Many a spirit became weary of this love, and former love turned into hate and disgust. They were thrown out of the heavenly realm- according to their offences- because they became loveless and sinned against GOD and Christ. But then the opportunities to improve came.
The ringleaders were in hell and remained there. But their followers were given a second chance. In the world called PARADISIA they were to prove that they had remained faithful to GOD, and under the leadership of their prince-couple, named Adam and Eve, they were to prove that they were personalities faithful to GOD. But they failed... So they, too, fell back into hell, and a new world had to be created which was clumsier, ponderous and material, and the whole matter was built. The earth took a very long time to come into existence, and it took very long again for the first human being to appear.
However, the human beings who populated this earth were the good-willed personalities who had risen from the depth and were ready to change for the better. They were spirits who, in the clumsy matter, had been given a desperately hard frame, so that they remembered nothing of the past in the heavenly realm and just as little of the time in hell. They only knew one thing: they were human beings, they had a free will and they were to use this free will for good. That was taught to them by the Spirit World of GOD, by the angels who had not fallen, whom they could see, hear, smell, feel, and downright taste at that time by the expression of their power. But these human beings' future behaviour was pitiful.
Too many denied the divine, wanted to completely ignore the truth and unfortunately, again and again, did what they had previously done in the heavenly realm - a genuine fall from GOD. But it was not held against them for they did not know any better. This went on until the Saviour was born into the material world, and he opened the way into light again. Then the spirits gained some knowledge. And those who later learned about the spiritual links, acknowledged them and lived by them, were rewarded furthermore and could go on ascending. But they who recognized the links and rejected them were punished; for what they did was done with full knowledge as the angels in heaven had once done.
And thus is GOD'S justice. Knowledge is the true power, hence responsibility, and whoever has the knowledge and throws it away will be punished, for GOD wants it that way.
5. Whoever claims that from the rank of the angels and archangels arose the rank of the fallen beings, and that from these the rank of the demons and the human beings arose; that every order of the spiritual powers contains either only higher beings (namely the heavenly order) or only lower ones (namely the hellish order) or that it consists of higher and lower beings (namely the human order) - is to be excommunicated!
S.W. G.: The heavenly realms are pure and strive toward perfection. The hellish realms are filthy, dreadful, dirty, stinking and unpleasant. The material world is a mixture of both, and the living beings there form a varied mixture. Many a being there, actually most of them, are simply on their way up. But there are also hellish beings among them; for sometimes GOD allows two beings to come out of hell, and they are given a special task to fulfil. And they either accomplish it, and then they, too, are allowed to ascend more quickly, or else they miss the opportunities and go back to hell again. Unfortunately, up to now, most of them have completely failed.
Periodically two angel beings voluntarily come into this material world, too. They also have their tasks: either they accomplish them, and then they have achieved great things for those who follow them. Then the following beings on their way up ascend more quickly; or should they miss the opportunity they must come again, ever so often, until they have accomplished their tasks. Up to now the angel beings have accomplished all their tasks, and so it will go on in the future; for GOD wants it that way.
6. Whoever claims that the lineage of the demons appeared as two sections (in hell): on the one hand (before Christ's act of redemption) one section was made up of souls (who had returned from earth), and on the other it consisted of higher spirits who (at the Fall) had been thrown there; that only one high spirit from the entire alleged (former) unit of rational beings remained perfectly unshaken in love and divine contemplation (during his way of the Cross on earth), namely the Spirit who had been anointed King of all rational beings and who had brought the entire physical nature into being - heaven, earth and (all) that is in between; that the cosmos contains elements which already existed before his (Christ's) existence: the dry, the wet, the warm and the cold, as well as the idea of how the cosmos was formed, and it came into being only on the basis of these elements; that the world was not created by the very holy and one-being Trinity, that it had not come into existence through the Trinity, but through the so-called life-giving God, who was already there before (all) the world, and who had given the world itself its existence, that it came from Him - is to be excommunicated!
S.W.G.: Before the redemption through Christ the hellish realm contained devilish spirits, hence both all those who, full of knowledge, had fallen from GOD, and the human spirits who after their deaths on earth returned again where they belonged; for these were, each and all, mostly spirits who settled again and again in the powerful sphere of the evil forces - whether in the very place of hell or in the material world, it did not matter: Lucifer had the say-except for the few voluntary angels who were temporarily in the material world and spread a bit of light.
Only one being managed to work his way through to free the path in the material world and in the purely spiritual world, to fight and be victorious: Jesus Christ, King and Lord of all Spirits, who was appointed by GOD for that, was, is and will remain the victor over all hellish powers. He cleared the way into light again for all, who had been angels originally and are to become angels again. All the spirits in heaven rejoiced that day; for now the spirits were allowed to fight for true knowledge and acquire true discernment again - which had been given to them by GOD. All who were ascending and wanted to ascend were given their chance again.
GOD the FATHER is and remains the Forefather of all life. HE gave true life to all beings, and Christ is HIS Only Begotten Son, the only who was born directly from the FATHER, the one who did not only receive the spark of life from HIM, but also the spirit body. Everything else was brought into being by Christ, and the FATHER gave the spark of life, meaning the will, the personality and the power to live. And so everything continues toward perfection, because GOD wants it that way. The re-ascension of the spirits indeed happens via matter, again and again - and nothing will prevent that.
7. Whoever claims that Christ, who - as they say - was a divine figure, and all along has been the "Word of God", divested himself of his own nature recently (cf. Phil. 2,7) to become a human being, as he felt compassionate about the so-called Fall, which separated the beings who before had formed a unified whole (as dual couples, heavenly families, heavenly choirs); that he intended to lead them home (to the FATHER) that therefore he came as a human being to be an example, as (all along) he has been everything for everybody - among the angels, the angel, among the powers, the power; as he has been an example anyway for all other orders and types of rational beings; thus he finally received - like us a body of flesh and blood - (cf. Heb. 2,14) and became an example for the human beings; and that those who do NOT confess that the "Word of God" divested himself of his own nature and became a human being (only to be sacrificed for us) - is to be excommunicated!
S.W.G.: It is a fact that Christ - King and Lord of the Creation - is equal with GOD in almost everything. He looks so similar to GOD that one could say he is GOD HIMSELF. And those in the heavenly realm who see Christ for the first time think they see GOD, so radiant, so beautiful, so inexpressibly bright is his personality. The only difference between him and GOD is that Christ is the creature, and the FATHER alone is the Creator. Christ is the one who can call the spiritual bodies into existence, but he cannot give life itself; for GOD alone can do that. And this Christ was ready to fetch all those spirit beings which had fallen from GOD and from himself back to the spiritual kingdom, home to the heavenly realm. Through the dedication of pure love, through the willingness to make sacrifices - for that is true love � he became incarnate among human beings, in order to raise the spirits from the depths again, to be an example for those in the material world and for those spirits who were close by.
So he was a living example of pure love for them until his dreadful expiatory death, as he forgave even the worst amongst them and asked GOD for forgiveness for them. And beyond that he fought in the hellish realm and triumphed, and he was, is and will remain the Saviour of all who had fallen. He delivered them from the sin of the Fall and not from any other, and he cleared the way into light for everybody else, because this was explicitly permitted by GOD, and because Christ Jesus wanted it that way. His free will was decisive here, and so was GOD'S agreement, and all who are human beings should be grateful to GOD and to Christ; for otherwise this human world would not be what it is nowadays. Otherwise there would be little left here on earth, and the hellish powers would roam around worse than they already do. That is the truth which GOD would like to make clear to the human beings with the help of the spirit-world of GOD, the truth that Christ Jesus already announced to his people. (cf. John. 14, 16-17; 14, 26; 16, 7 - 14).
The time is ripe for mankind to be able to listen again and to be ready to learn. But whoever wants to block the path to those who want to know the truth, will be hit by GOD'S fiery sword!
8. Whoever does not confess that the "Word of God", which is one nature with God the Father and with the Holy Spirit, became flesh and incarnate and belongs to the Holy Trinity, is indeed Christ, but confesses that this is only figurative because of Christ's divine spirit (given to him by God), as they say; so whoever claims that Christ divested himself of his own nature, because this divine spirit which is called the "Word of God" is actually named Christ (the Anointed), because God named Him "Christ", just as God is called God by "Christ" - is to be excommunicated!
S.W.G.: GOD the FATHER anointed HIS only begotten son Christ, which means King of the entire Creation and appointed him GOD'S Anointed, and all who were present at that time acknowledged this. They were the six archangels; for they were the first creatures called into being after Christ, and they received authority over the principalities, the powers and the forces. That was the day of Christ's coronation by GOD.
The first personality to give GOD the name of GOD was Christ; for he was GOD'S first creature. Before GOD was alone. Actually HE did not need anybody, but HE wanted to bestow HIS love, and so HE called the Creation into being. GOD alone is the Forefather of all life. HE is ALLAH, the Father of life.
Christ is the son of GOD, the Anointed, who was anointed King by GOD, he looks very much like GOD, yet he is not GOD, and he will never be. And out of Christ the entire spirit-world of GOD developed, the holy spirit-world of GOD, countless spirit beings. They were to populate the entire heaven, and that they did.
Unfortunately a large number of these spirits became arrogant, proud, and they rejected GOD and Christ and were punished on that account and fell down into Hell. However, because many a one of them showed good will again, became repentant and wanted to change for the better, they received the possibility to rise again, as was ruled by GOD and Christ. In one respect there was an opportunity for the followers in PARADISIA, and when this failed, there was then the truly ongoing opportunity via matter, the earthly area, in fact. Ponderous matter became a frame for the spirits, as had been determined by GOD and Christ, and thus it will continue. And he who divested himself in spirit and entered ponderous matter out of pure love, was Christ the King and Lord of the whole creation. With the very greatest willingness to make sacrifices as a human being among human beings, as the humblest amongst them all, he fought his way through the greatest sufferings, he remained faithful to his GOD, though the then princes and the powers of the material world opposed him. Though the masters of the then theological teaching were against him, he remained faithful to GOD, and therefore he remained the example for all human beings truly believing in GOD.
So do not be blinded by the "religious teachers" of all so-called "churches"; for what they preach they do not abide by themselves. They are truly varnished walls! However the mortar coating is crumbling everywhere; the time is ripe for the structure to collapse. Just as once happened to the temple in Jerusalem so this magnificent structure will also collapse as, in truth, it is no good. It is a showpiece of lower spirits' power and their mediums, but the time of GOD'S retribution has come: GOD'S vengeance has reached its goal, and the human beings will learn who the true ruler is, where the truth is, where GOD'S Will is done and how GOD'S Will is done. The earth will be GOD'S witness; for that is the way GOD wants it to be, and thus it will be.
9. Whoever claims that not the "Word of God" which was incarnate - an incarnation that was animated by a rational, spiritual soul- descended into the underworld, and from there ascended again to heaven, but (merely Christ) as an immortal spirit, of whom they say godlessly, he became Christ (the Anointed) in the true sense of the word, out of GOD'S knowledge - is to be excommunicated!
S.W.G.: It is nonsense to claim that material flesh can pass over into the spiritual realm without decaying; for what is not spirit cannot be accepted by spirit, and if a human being wants to eat what is purely spiritual, he will not notice anything of it, unless it is materialized; and the other way round. Therefore if anyone claims that Jesus Christ descended into Hell as a material being of flesh, then he spreads the greatest nonsense ever.
In truth it was Jesus Christ's spirit, which is pure, which was prepared in spirit and decided the battle in Hell. This spirit materialized again later on in order to show as the one he had been before to those human beings who had remained faithful to GOD and Christ, as living proof of the resurrection in spirit as he had already suggested to them at the Last Supper. Just as everything he had presented to them had symbolized his spirit and his body. Thus the grapes, the bread and the wine were all symbols for Christ's spirit and body, for the coming redemption, for the re-ascension of all spirits who believed again in GOD and in Christ. And whoever propagates something different to the human beings propagates the heresy which GOD will fight with all power and strength.
10. Whoever claims that the risen body of the Lord was an ethereal form, and that the risen bodies of the other (human beings) are of the same kind; that the Lord first laid off His (human) body, and all other (human beings) would do the same, and that likewise the physical nature (of the earth one day) will be dissolved - is to be excommunicated!
S.W.G.: The spirit is created for eternity, for GOD is spirit and HE is perfect. Matter is temporary; for it cannot last long. It is a mixture of good and bad, and this cannot last. For if two materials of different densities meet they will tear until everything has come apart; and the same applies to the pure heavenly powers and to those from Hell. They will tear apart until nothing of Hell is left, until only the fine heavenly substance remains, and it will be again what it originally was: spiritual, heavenly and ascending to perfection.
This is what GOD the FATHER decided, and if any human being asserts something different then they are liars and heretics, in the same meaning of the word as they themselves say of others; for the truth will be proved. You human beings are dust, and dust you will become again and remain; for matter perishes, the spirit, however, lives on! Don't forget: the hereafter awaits you!
11. Whoever claims that the coming trial (for everybody after his respective life on earth) is held when the (earthly) body is completely disintegrated; that at the end of these fabricated events an immaterial nature is left; that at that future time nothing material will be left but immortal spirit - is to be excommunicated!
S.W.G.: Just be glad, you human beings; for the evil activities prevailing here on earth will some day have a definite end; for matter will pass away, and it will turn into the world of a finer substance, first into the half-material world, then into the purely spiritual world.
There will be no more suffering, no more wickedness, no more evil spirits, no more devils, no more wicked people; for by then they will have been eradicated. Either they amend in spirit, or they must be purified somewhat longer. But for them, too, the day of amendment will come. This will be their true redemption when they truly realize how bad their whole behaviour was, and it is GOD'S pure mercy which allows them to progress in spirit. And all- who deserved well- will be welcomed with great joy in the heavenly realm by Christ the King; for whoever broadened and widened the path for others, whoever tried hard to follow Christ's footsteps during their whole life - though it was difficult - will be rewarded by GOD and Christ. Just as GOD glorified HIS Son, so Christ will glorify his people. But just as the human beings persecuted the Christians who truly believed in GOD so they, too, will be persecuted by GOD. They will be punished for everything they did to GOD and HIS people. For it is written: whoever sins against the spirit-world of GOD and against their mediums will not be forgiven neither in this life nor in the next; and so it will be, because it is GOD'S will!
12. Whoever claims that the heavenly powers, all human beings, the devil and the evil spirits would (finally) unite again with GOD, inseparably, just as that divine spirit, called Christ, who was godlike in form and, as they say, divested himself of his own nature (cf. Phil. 2,6f); and therefore an end will be put to the (still divided) kingdom of Christ - is to be excommunicated!
S.W.G.: When, however, the time has come, when hell is not hell anymore, and the earth is not earth anymore, when only heaven is left, then all spirits will return home to the FATHER, and the prodigal son - Lucifer - will be welcomed at GOD'S house, and all will be pleased to meet him there again. They all will again be one in GOD'S love, and Christ the King will reign over them, as was formerly. All heaven and all who are willing are looking forward to that moment. And that is both GOD'S decision and promise - and GOD keeps HIS promises.
Whoever refuses to believe this, should wait and make sure that they will be there in good time.
13. Whoever claims that Christ and all rational beings will (some day again) be one in being, in the understanding and in the power and ability for everything; that all would be (again) at the right hand of GOD like the Christ, whom they are teaching about, just as it was before in that pre-existence fabricated by them, - is to be excommunicated!
S.W.G: So the time will come when everything will be one again in GOD'S order. Every living being can live again in GOD'S love, in GOD'S pure love, in the true heavenly realm, which is the true Creation, the permanent, the beautiful, the pure, the pleasant one in GOD'S eyes. And there all will be � in keeping with justice - on the right side of Christ, all who fought for him. And he, who is King and Lord of this entire creation, will rule again in gentleness and love which is wisdom, just as the king should do, because GOD determined it that way. And as the FATHER wants it to be, so it will be. GOD'S pure love will guide and lead them all, and that day will be a day of true exultation, in days to come when this happens, just as it was originally; for at the beginning was life and in the future life will be again.
That is GOD'S Will and that Will determines everything; for GOD is the Father of all life, and all living beings are HIS. GOD appointed Christ as their King, and whether they like it or not, they are subordinate to his commands.
14. Whoever claims that some day there will be (again) a single unity of all rational beings; that isolated existences and numerical differences (of the sexes) will no longer exist after the dissolution of the material nature; that the knowledge of the rational beings will be followed by the disintegration of the (material) worlds, the casting off of the (coarse material) bodies and the abolition of the names (for material things); rather that there will be (again) complete agreement between knowledge and existence, and that only reason will prevail in the fabricated restoration (the taking home of all), just as was the case with that pre-existence they twaddle about- is to be excommunicated!
S.W.G.: Love which is wisdom � such as has always been in the heavenly realms - will be there again too, when all beings, when the entire creation is united again in GOD'S pure love which is wisdom, and all will be truly wise again; they will be wise angels, wise masters, wise ladies; they will be wise personalities ready to resume their tasks in the heavenly realms and they will succeed again. All together in this divine wisdom which is also HIS love at the same time, they will be in charge, in agreement with the strengths and powers of their true personalities as given to them by GOD. They will resume their most various functions and will revive heaven again, refine themselves to the highest degree, most rapidly; for they were created for that purpose.
So it was originally, so it will be again, because GOD the FATHER wants it: unity. Heaven will be one again in GOD'S Will. So it was, so it will be, according to GOD'S Will.
15. Whoever claims that the ranks of the rational beings will be the same (again) as it once was, before they descended or fell, so that (in this sense) the beginning is like the end and the end like the beginning - is to be excommunicated!
S.W.G.: And when all living beings who rose from the depths have entered again the heavenly realm, then in the forces the moment occurs when everything is again as it was before, when no one can say: �I am not me; I was once someone different.�
They will forget the great suffering of the past, they will only reflect on what they themselves really are: angel beings who serve GOD and Christ, who fulfil their tasks, who help the Creation, who strengthen themselves and grow more beautiful; for they are there to help one another, to magnify and embellish the heavenly realms. Their purpose in life is to help them to become perfect, to honour GOD, to praise and glorify HIM, to adore HIM; for HE alone is the true GOD - and there is no other: It will be obvious for them -, to praise and glorify Christ, the King and Lord of this entire heavenly creation, to serve him and to worship him, just as GOD the FATHER had determined it.
They all will do just as they did originally, and they will forget the hard times of suffering and pain. But a light admonition will remain, a little memory for those who might conceive wrong thoughts again, so to teach them: �That is as it was, thus it should never be again � bring to bear the free will again for the things pleasing GOD.� As was at the beginning they will be one again in wisdom which is love, and in love which is wisdom, in the light and in the divine order at the same time, in the true security in the heavenly fields. They will love life again as before, and they themselves will be love again, because GOD wants it that way. So it will be; for GOD the FATHER determined it that way, and what GOD determines happens.

Epilogue by the SPIRIT WORLD OF GOD:

Human knowledge is human knowledge, but the truth is the truth. And to all this I would like to add: GOD the FATHER and Christ the King and Lord of the Creation together issued the following decision:

1. Whoever tries to help a soul believing in GOD to strengthen its belief will receive seven times seven the strength they gave away.
2. Whoever tries to help a human being in need will receive seven times seven the same help�. in this life or in the next.
3. Whoever tries not only to preserve the true faith as pure, but also to teach it to mankind again - who knows nothing better than lies and falsehood - will receive seven times seven sevenfold, the strength, the knowledge, and the power he needs spiritually to command the spirits, to use both the forces and powers to defeat the lower realm. And whoever goes on steadily and keeps on trying to fight the powers of the lower spiritual realm, its mediums, its powers, its thrones, dominions and authorities. And who does not give up but who wants to win, will win in the power of Jesus Christ, in the name of Jesus Christ, with the will and the powers of GOD. The whole heaven will assist him. With their strengths and powers and their abilities the personalities from all dimensions of the whole creation will rush to help all the good-willing in the whole creation. The latter might be surprised at their power, their strength, their wealth of ideas, their abilities, to overcome difficulties. And they need not and should not be afraid; for GOD personally and Christ will support them in all situations in life, and as victors they will enter the spiritual kingdom, as Christ did once, and they will get the opportunity to be personally welcomed by him; for they went on strengthening and increasing the King's lifework, as was promised once.

So whoever is nevertheless prepared to go this difficult and path full of suffering and who continues to do so will be glorified by GOD in spirit, and partly also in the material world, just as he needs it, and as it should be and as is just and good.

But whoever tries to lead astray such a faithful fighter, will be crushed by GOD so that he will never ever have the respect of the human beings in the material world, so that again and again he will be rated as a nothing, creeping on the ground like the snake which he serves, and that he will never again be a dignitary on earth, until he is ready to straighten out the wrong which he committed, and to recognize what he did wrong and to ask GOD for forgiveness, to become humble. Only then will he be raised again by GOD, step by step, until he has made amends. And when he is ready then to take himself the path of the fighters who serve the true GOD and Christ, then he may be given the same possibilities as the fighters. Thus speaks the merciful GOD and so it will happen.GOD greets you all. GOD be with you.

The Editor's Comment:
The reader who searches for the truth and still has doubts is herewith asked to critically tackle this subject. The indicated book source will be very helpful as it also offers clarifying insights into the genesis of the Trinity doctrine - thus, no original Christian knowledge and many a further surprise.

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