(Part 29)

MOSES looked after the sheep and goats of his father-in-law JETHRO. So one day he came with a flock of sheep near Mount HOREB. At that time there was a watering place there. Its source flowed from inside the mountain. So it was small wonder that a little oasis at the foot of the mountain invited the wanderer to stay a while. From there a narrow green path led up to the mountain. Now and then were shrubs whose berries were very much liked by goats. The sheep, however, were attracted by the grass. Thus they climbed up the mountain to the end of the green plot. It was late in the afternoon and MOSES had lain down near the watering place, in the shade of a date. It was already getting dark when the sheep ran down the mountain bleating loudly with excitement. As MOSES feared a wild animal might be in the neighbourhood, he quickly took some dry wood, lit a fire, and gathered his animals round him. He threw a last glance up the mountain and, in the firelight, he perceived a lamb high up, alone on a rocky spur, bleating pitifully. Without hesitating he hurried up to free the lamb from its awkward position.

However, when he arrived at the top, there was no lamb. On the contrary he saw a thorny bush on fire, and yet it was not burning up. When, surprised, MOSES wanted to go nearer, he heard a thundering voice from the thornbush talking to him,

'Do not come any closer, MOSES! - Take off your shoes, for here where you are standing is holy and sacred ground!'

MOSES answered, 'LORD, who are YOU?'

'I am the GOD of ABRAHAM, ISAAC and JACOB - I am your GOD who gave you life and carried you to the daughter of the pharaoh of Egypt to save your life. I am the GOD who safely led you out of Egypt, across the desert, to Midian, and has given you a home again!'

Then MOSES recognised that it actually was the VOICE OF GOD speaking to him. He dropped to his knees, covered his face before GOD, for he felt ashamed of having often doubted about GOD'S existence. The VOICE OF GOD, however, went on,

'I have seen the misery of my people and heard them complain. Therefore I want to free them and lead them into a good spacious land, a land flowing with milk and honey. And you, MOSES, shall be their leader. For that is the reason why I have revived you to serve me on earth!'

'But, my LORD, who am I to take the liberty of going to the pharaoh and freeing the children of ISRAEL from the domination of Egypt? - The Israelites will ask me, 'What is the person called who has sent you?' - And what shall I then answer them?'

GOD said,

'I am who I AM,

So tell them,

the GOD of your ancestors,

has sent me to you!'

'But they will ask me to prove that the LORD appeared to me, what shall I do then?' - Then the VOICE OF GOD ordered MOSES to throw down his shepherd's crook, which MOSES did. Then the crook turned into a snake in front of his eyes. MOSES started back. Then the VOICE OF GOD ordered MOSES to take the snake by the tail, and when he did so, the snake changed back into his shepherd's crook. The LORD ordered MOSES to do this in front of the Israelites, so that they would believe his words. But MOSES said, 'My LORD, I am not a great speaker, and often my tongue does not want to obey me properly. How can I then talk to the Israelites?'

The LORD answered,
'Do not worry, for I will be with you and teach you what to say.'

MOSES, however, doubted about GOD'S greatness and omnipotence, and so he asked the LORD to send somebody else to talk in front of ISRAEL and the pharaoh of Egypt.

At this the LORD became angry and said,
'All right, then your brother AARON will talk instead of you. He will be pleased to be allowed to do ME this favour. He will go to the Israelites together with you and talk to them. You, however, take your shepherd's crook, and give the people the evidence they will ask for!'

And so it happened.
At his father's death Prince SETI had become Pharaoh of Egypt. Full of arrogance and cruelty he had been ruling the country since then. He waged war against the neighbour peoples of Egypt, and he subjugated them all. He had these people transported from their homelands to Egypt to make them slaves there. A lot of them were taken to the plain of GOSHEN, where the Israelites lived. Soon there was hardly room and food enough for that great number of people. But the pharaoh was without any consideration for this. On the contrary, he had the 'Hebrews', as they were still maliciously called, confined to twelve large camps, where they were kept like animals. And each camp lodged one of the twelve tribes of ISRAEL. Each camp was presided over by a foreman who was appointed by the Egyptian officials. These people were all sycophants of the Egyptians and tormented their tribesmen in all ways. The Egyptians let them do, but in their hearts they despised these people for their behaviour.

Of course, the Israelites were happy when they heard that GOD had promised to lead them out of the Egyptian slavery. And when the people saw what signs MOSES performed, on behalf of GOD, with his shepherd's crook, they believed MOSES and AARON.

The pharaoh, however, was not impressed by such miracles. When MOSES ordered AARON to throw down his stave, and when the shepherd's crook became a snake, the pharaoh had priests of ON called in. They threw their staves down which turned into snakes. But MOSES' shepherd's crook, which AARON had thrown down and which had become a snake, bounced at the other snakes and devoured them in full view of the people present. The pharaoh remained stubborn, and he refused to listen to either MOSES or AARON.

Then GOD the LORD sent terrible plagues over Egypt.

First the water of the Nile turned into blood, and all over the country people and animals suffered great thirst. Only the people of GOD were spared, for they had been warned by MOSES and AARON. So the Israelites had filled all their vessels with clean water in good time. But the pharaoh's heart remained stubborn, and he did not allow ISRAEL to go. Then a plague of frogs was brought on Egypt. All over the country frogs, coming out of the Nile, leapt into people's homes. Only the children of Israel were spared. - The pharaoh, however, remained stubborn.

Then a plague of gnats struck, followed by a plague of flies. After that a plague was sent on all animals. Then an epidemic of smallpox covered people and animals with boils. After that a heavy hailstorm came up over Egypt such as it had never known before. Next came a plague of locusts. Only the children of Israel remained unaffected each time, but each time the pharaoh's heart remained stubborn.

GOD sent darkness over Egypt. For three days and three nights there was no light in the sky, but where the sons and daughters of Israel lived, the sky was full of light. -Thereupon the pharaoh got frightened. He ordered MOSES to leave with his people, but their live-stock should stay behind in Egypt. The pharaoh knew quite well, that then, the Israelites would have to cross the desert without any food, and this would certainly ruin them. MOSES, however, did not accept this suggestion, and he insisted that the whole people of Israel with their herds and all their property leave Egypt, to make sacrifices to GOD ALMIGHTY in the desert. Infuriated the pharaoh then shouted, 'Get out of my sight, MOSES, and do not let me ever see you again. For if I do, I will kill you with my own hands!' Now MOSES knew that the pharaoh had sentenced himself and his people to death. At night the angels of death crossed Egypt, and every firstborn son in Egypt died, the pharaoh's son included. The children of Israel, however, suffered no harm. Then the pharaoh let all the Israelites leave Egypt with their live-stock and all their possessions.

And the people of Israel crossed the desert, with MOSES and AARON as their leaders, and under the guidance of GOD. In Midian they stopped and let their herds graze. MOSES climbed Mount SINAI and GOD, the LORD, gave him two stone tablets on which GOD'S LAW had been carved.

This LAW is the TEN COMMANDMENTS,which have been valid for all people since then. This was the stipulation for the subsequent part of GOD'S great plan of redemption to come true. By reason of these TEN COMMANDMENTS the people of GOD could and were to be tested. And only when humanity was mature for the saviour, he could be born.

And so JESUS CHRIST, KING AND LORD OF THE CREATION came to the humans, he lived among them, did GOD'S WILL, suffered, and died on the cross. Then he fought in hell where he beat the prince of hell, and overcame all his power. Since then the way into light has been free again. And the spirits who are on their way up to heaven go through one human life after the other. They walk the way into light, back to their heavenly home.


Herwith the text «JESUS CHRIST - KING AND LORD OF THE CREATION», ends. The explanation from the holy spirits of GOD have also come to an end on Internet.

Yet we holy spirits of GOD do not want to say goodbye to you humans, but we want to point out to you that everybody goes through life accompanied by their guardian angel, their fighting angel, and whatever they are called. Though you are not able to see and hear us, yet we always are there, when you need our help.

GOD be with you!

Your friends from GOD'S Kingdom

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